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Become A Plumber

Everest Institute's instructor teaches students of the Plumbing Technology program how to properly install plumbing pipes and fixtures into a home.

Each year, thousands of people consider plumbing technology training in the Greater Houston Area as a means of advancing their career possibilities. Whether the economy is up or down, it never hurts to be prepared with the training and skills that can give your career possibilities a whole new outlook.

What to Expect in a Plumbing Program

The object of any training is to give a person the skills and knowledge to function successfully in a real workplace environment. At Everest, providing the traditional classroom setting with hands-on learning can help students learn quicker and better.

Plumbing Technology Training Provides the Following:

  • Interpret construction drawings and specifications
  • Test, assemble, install and maintain an array of plumbing systems
  • Maintain and repair water heater systems
  • Knowledge of drain waste and vent systems
  • And much more

Plumbing technology training can also prepare students to work in just about every phase of the plumbing industry. Plumbing tasks including repairs and remodels, along with working in the area of new construction or commercial plumbing, may well be within the scope of students who successfully complete accredited plumbing training programs.

The Houston Bissonnet campus of Everest Institute, located at 9700 Bissonnet St., Suite 1400, Houston, TX 77036, offers plumbing technology training that can give students a well-rounded education in plumbing history, mathematics and physics.

Just imagine yourself emerging from training having developed solid reasoning ability and keen problem-solving skills and attributes necessary for the success of any plumber. At the Houston Bissonnet campus, located in Houston, Texas near Beltway 8, you can benefit from the hands-on training and access to instructors who bring real-world knowledge and experience to the classroom each day.

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